Are you a creative person? If that creativity extends to the written word, you could have a future in writing. Websites are always on the lookout for good writing.

Websites are used to sell products and services. And good content is the key to that sales process. Writing online tends to fall into two categories, the hard-sell sale page writing and the writing of informative content that positions the sale.

How many websites can you think of that are full of informative articles and snippets of expert advice? You don’t think that the website owners write all of those interesting articles do you? Writing is not a requirement to being a successful website business owner, but good web content is needed to help the business make money.

This is where you could come in. Writing content for websites is a lucrative business, when well managed and geared towards excellence. If you have a grasp of basic grammar and spelling, and also like to write, you could be just the person that a website business owner needs to partner with.

Most websites post content that is around 400-500 words in length. You read articles at least that long in newspapers and magazines. Website content does have slightly different structural guidelines than typical print writing, but you can learn those with a good style book or a solid course in content writing.

Writing content can be done at home in front of your home computer. This can be an incredibly appealing proposition for stay-at-home moms and people looking to make some extra money. (I know it was for me! I spent many years happily writing from home as my children grew.) You can operate a full-time or part-time writing business, like any business – you control your own growth and success.

To operate a content writing business from home, you will need a few basic tools:

* Computer (desktop or laptop)
* High speed Internet connection
* Printer/copier/fax/scanner (you can get an all-in-one printer)
* Telephone
* Software (accounting, time management, Microsoft Office, etc.)

Most people have these items in their home already. Your computer will need to be mostly dedicated to business since you need it to write.

The trick to any business is to get your feet wet. There are web-based businesses that deal in supplying good content to websites that need it. They may be willing to give you a shot as a freelancer to see how you work out.

But, before you hire yourself out, try working with websites that publish popular content and pay for your work. Sites of this type give you the opportunity to write what you like and get paid for it. You won’t get rich but you will gain the experience of writing for the Internet. These sites will have writer forums as well. Interact with other writers to learn writing tips and also how to promote your writing.

Join writing websites. Signing up is usually free and you can talk to other writers about the craft and their experiences writing website content. You’ll find a friend or two and maybe some leads on writing work.

Also, write every day. There is no other way to hone your skills except to write. If you have trouble coming up with topics, enroll in an online writing course that teaches about writing for the Internet.

Writing content is a good way for a writer to get their feet wet in the writing world and provides a valuable commodity.

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