They always say that two heads are better than one, and that’s very true. It’s even truer when the two heads are experts. The fact is, if you can locate and hobnob with experts you will soon be seen as an expert too.

Finding industry experts isn’t difficult because they want to be known as experts, and true experts know how to get the right publicity to be seen.

You can use Twitter to find them, or do a simple search for industry forums, online communities, blogs and events. Once you find them, use these ten ways to take advantage of them. This doesn’t mean use them in a bad way, though; make every action mutually beneficial. However, nothing is wrong with creating a strategy to meet and know experts, so that you too can become one. After all, this is how Oprah did it.

1. Get on Their Email Lists – When you find experts that you want to get to know better, get on their email lists. This will enable you to find out how they communicate what products and or services they offer, which will enable you to learn about the potential opportunities for you to work with them.

2. Interview Them – If you do a podcast, written interviews and profiles, or other types of interviews on your blog, send them your information and invite them to do an interview with you. Most industry leaders are happy to do interviews with people they feel are legitimate, so try to get a few less lofty interviews under your belt before going after the big fish.

3. Socialize with Them – Social media is an awesome way to get to know all the movers and shakers in your industry. You can search for them via Twitter and also socialize with them that way. If they show up in person at a place you can go, go.

4. Partner with Them – If you can identify an area where they do not have a product, but you know that with their expertise and yours combined you can create a joint project that will resonate with both of your target audiences, take the chance and send a proposal with references.

5. Promote Their Products – If you both promote to the same audience and aren’t direct competitors, then you can freely promote their products. If you do a good job and become a top affiliate, they are more likely to take notice and want to joint venture with you.

6. Take Their Courses – If the industry experts offer courses and information that will be beneficial to you, and you can be a stand-out student, take their courses, sign up for their coaching, and become known.

7. Ask Them Questions – Don’t be afraid to ask an industry expert a question. You can send questions via Twitter or on Facebook and more than likely if you ask a good question they will answer it.

8. Answer Questions They Ask – Sometimes industry experts pose questions that they want others to answer. Take the chance and answer the questions they have if you know what you’re talking about.

9. Engage with Them on Social Media – Don’t just do one-word answers, and “like” and “share” without comments. Engage with them; discuss the questions and answers in more detail with them. You’ll stand out as someone who is intelligent and thoughtful.

10. Push Yourself to a Higher Standard – By hanging out with, and talking to, and being with industry leaders, you’re going to naturally push yourself to reach higher goals. They say that most people earn an average of the five people closest to them, so why not try to be closer to successful people?

Industry leaders are leaders because they learned early on how to network effectively. True leaders know that you’re going to learn more and be able to accomplish more outside of the office than inside it. Today, you can do a lot of networking completely online using social media like Google Hangout or Skype. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to getting to know industry leaders, and eventually working with them, if you set that goal in your sights and work toward it a little each day.

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