Starting a business in Whitecourt or Woodlands County

Thank you for following the link from the Whitecourt BSN 🙂

I’m going to assume you clicked because you wanted more information on starting or expanding a business within Whitecourt or Woodlands County. Our office helps residents throughout the Yellowhead East – so we’re good to go there.

As a small business owner within the area, you qualify for free* assistance in creating a business plan, up to 3 free coaching sessions and access to free and low cost training opportunities through our office. Appointments are recommended and encouraged as we can’t guarantee being available to connect if you drop in without one.

The help we can provide will depend on where you are in the business process – but we have tools and resources to help at every step along the way. The most difficult part of the journey is knowing where to start – so that’s pretty much where we begin, picking a start point that makes sense for you.

Business is a complex topic, and there’s conflicting advice about just about everything we could possibly cover. My goal as an advisor and coach is to break it all down into bite-size nuggets and translate the jargon into plain language so that you can make the decisions that are right for you.

I firmly believe that anyone can succeed in business with the right attitude, tools and support.

The easiest way to get started is to ask your most burning question – you can use the pop-up contact form in the corner of the page or click contact from the menu above – and while you’re waiting for the answer, go and sign up for our weekly newsletter  that’s where you’ll get the most up to date information on the learning experiences, courses and coaching opportunities available to you.

*Community Futures Yellowhead East is funded by Western Economic Diversification Canada, and as such is able to deliver no-cost and affordable programming to clients within the region we serve.

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