Freebies are a fantastic way to build your list to gain credibility and to establish your expertise through sincere knowledge shared with your target market. We discuss creating your freebie in some of my presentations, but this article discusses how to set it up all up to integrate with your website once you have the freebie created.

First, you’ll want to log in to your WP Dashboard and add the pdf (or other media) to your media library. Note where the file is located as you’ll need this to insert into your confirmation “thank you” page and you “final welcome email”


Next you’ll open a new tab in your browser and log in to your mailchimp account -Find the name of the list you are building (if you have more than one…you should try to have as few as possible and use segmentation, but business models vary and you may have more than one MailChimp list) and click on Sign Up forms and then General Forms.

Adjust the wording in your confirmation “thank you” page and you “final welcome email”  to include the link to you media file in WordPress.

Now go back and click on embedded forms and grab the code for your list – you’ll want to copy it from here and then go back to your WordPress Tab. You’ll need to click to Appearance and then Widgets and then choose the best place to host your sign up form – common places include the header and top of the sidebar. You may also want to save the code in a draft file so you can do an easy copy and paste when you want to add it to a post or page.

Need more help?

Feel free to give me a call about coaching or training possibilities to help translate this into something that will help you promote and grow your small business.


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