What is a Community Consultation?

Our service area is vast – and having served the rural marketplace over the past 25 years, we know that coming into Whitecourt can be a pain in the  inconvenient – and so community consultations are your chance to access our services in (or close to) your hometown.  At present we have regular visits scheduled to Onoway, Fox Creek and Barrhead – over the coming months (should there be interest) I’d like to add Swan Hills, Fort Assiniboine, Sangudo, Mayerthorpe and Fox Creek.

You can use your session to ask questions about just about any business challenge you might be facing – whether you have questions about starting up a business, expanding an existing ones or are looking for ways to transition out of business ownership.


What is a webinar?

What is a webinar?

A webinar is simply an online seminar or meeting conducted over the Internet.

Instead of getting dressed up and driving across town or coming from the next town over (as might be required when we’re talking about a region as large as ours), you simply log in via your computer.

In some cases, webinar software will allow you to attend via your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to attend from virtually anywhere. Admittedly, the connection is usually better when you’re tied in to the ‘net through a wired connection, as opposed to a wireless if you’re going to a resource heavy (one with lots of video) presentation. I keep all my online presentations on the light side to prevent connection issues.

The key difference between a webinar and a webcast is your ability, as a guest, to interact with the presenter.

At Community Futures Yellowhead East we offer a free webinar each week (currently scheduled for Tuesday afternoons at 1pm) on a different topic of interest to small business owners. The best way to keep up with the schedule or to request a topic is to sign up for the Biz Talk Bulletin, our weekly newsletter.