soc-proof1This post on one of the Facebook networking sites that I follow and participate in, sparked the idea for this post.

You see, it’s always advisable to know that you have a hungry target market for your services. And there is currently a very hungry market for experienced, reliable virtual assistants who can handle simple computer tasks in:

  • WordPress
  • AWeber
  • Wishlist Member
  • Social Media Posting (Facebook & Twitter)

I know many young moms who might be wondering what they can do to make money from home – and this is one viable option.

If you have the skills they’re asking for in WordPress, AWeber, Wishlist Member and Social Media posting, you can easily get set up and start charging $20 or more per hour for your work. If you’re skills are in other areas of computers or online marketing, there are certainly still opportunities but these are the HOT ones right now.

soc-proof4Of course, you’ll need more than one client to create your business, and you will constantly need to be upgrading your skills. It’s an easy business to get started in with some base skills, but nothing in online marketing stays stagnant for long – so to stay on top of your game and continue to attract clients a commitment to consistent education is essential.

And that’s why it’s good to know that there are many who are currently (as in looking for people this morning!) looking for people with these skills. (All these screenshots are from one conversation on just one Facebook network this morning)

soc-proof2 Why are Canadians with these skills in such high demand? In simple terms the current exchange rate on the dollar has made it difficult to hire US providers.


So if you’re a Canadian resource with these skills, the market is ready and waiting for you.

Have questions? Feel free to book a coaching session!

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