Yesterday, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce released it’s top 10 Barriers to Competiveness for 2015. They’ve been publishing this top 10 list since 2012.  Canadian Chamber of Commerce launched this ongoing initiative that is aimed at directing attention to the key impediments believed to be preventing Canadian businesses from reaching their full potential.

The following video outlines the 10 barriers for 2015.

For those who would rather read than watch, the barriers highlighted were:

  1. Silos in skills development
  2. Entrepreneurs lack capital for Canada’s fastest-growing companies
  3. Lack of clarity regarding duty to consult with Aboriginal peoples
  4. Internal barriers to trade
  5. Canada’s tax system is too complex and costly
  6. Canadian trade is constrained by infrastructure deficiencies
  7. Canada is uncompetitive in the world’s tourism sector
  8. Innovation rate is not sufficient to help manufacturing rebound
  9. Territorial businesses don’t have the tools they need
  10. Canada is missing out on foreign trade opportunities

You can view and download the full report from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Website

What do you think of the barriers identified and what do you see as the solutions to them?


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