Hi there,

I am so thrilled that you finally decided to cave in to the curiosity and came over to check out what all this hub-bub about Community Futures Yellowhead East is about.

Perhaps you’re wondering who this Patrysha is and why she’s all over Facebook and YouTube and why they talk about going to her webinars in your underwear on The Rig

Or perhaps you listen to XM105 and heard our commercial over there…

Or maybe you took a wrong turn at Albuquerque over at Google…

However, you got here – I am glad you are here, because I want to get to know you! Not in a creepy way, I promise. You see, it’s part of my job to learn and understand the ebb and flow of business and consumer habits in the communities we serve. I know that’s not what business advisors have traditionally done, but they made a mistake and hired a marketer. Plus, I’m kind of an overachiever like that, wanting to make a real difference and all that jazz.

But there’s the rub – in order to make a difference, I have to understand how and why we’re different. Because we are, just as we’re all the same – every community has a different personality, a different flavour. I know this not only because it says so in all of the books and articles I’ve read about economic development in rural communities (yes, I do have weird reading tastes that you can benefit from) but also because I have personally lived in 2 large cities, 1 small city, 3 hamlets, 2 towns, 3 hamlets and 2 unincorporated communities and 1 village. Every community is different – even if they’re in the same general vicinity.

That takes time. It’s really much easier if you tell me what you need and I find a way to make it happen or to connect you with the resources to get you the answers you need.

I have started to get to know Onoway a bit more in the past couple of months. I had a great visit there in the fall when I presented on Social Media (I know oodles and oodles about that!) and during the last monthly visit to Onoway which I blogged about previously, but country life is something I’ve read more about than experienced.
However, despite being a confirmed “townie” – which I hear is a slight step up from “city slicker” – I can likely offer a fair bit of help – with a little guidance.

I have an overwhelming array of skills developed over the last 18 years as a small home based business owner – graphic design, web design, print design (yes, there is a difference) – copywriting, ghostwriting, freelance writing, bio writing, catalog writing (and yes, again – there is a difference). I could go on (for hours! Ask my kids!) but I don’t want to bore you (my kids on the other hand are obligated by respect, love and lack of personal transport to be bored) but I really just need to know what you think you need to start, manage, expand or transition (that means pass on or sell) your small business.

Yup, that’s pretty much what the hub bub is about – trying to get your attention so we can work on putting the communication into community. Okay, that was bad but the perfect transition into the volunteer positions for Community Communications.
Now that you’re here and before you leave, be sure to claim a free directory listing and sign up for the Biz Talk Bulletin.

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