Are you one of those in-the-know people in your community?  Are you the one people turn to find out when the school concerts are, who always knows when the Farmer’s Market season is starting, when the yarn club is meeting and who knows who is raising money for which community fundraiser.

If so, I could really use you as a community communications volunteer.

Your role would be to feed me information from your community about events, garage sales and fundraisers in your community.

You see, in order for the directory listings to do us as business owners any good at all – we’re going to need content that attracts community members. Articles on business aren’t going to cut it for the general public, that only appeals to 20% of any average population. Advertising amongst ourselves is fine and dandy, especially to those in the B2B market, but most small business owners on a local level need to attract a much wider, primarily local audience.

My plan to attract the eyeballs outside of the business owner realm is to feature community news and events – but I can’t do that on my own. That’s where I need help.

At present there is no central database of community events (that I know of) – while there are many local media events calendars, and Facebook groups and local group websites – many great events are missed because they are on flyers at the grocery store and not online at all. You job would be to collect the information from all the sources you can to post to the content pages for your area.

Contact me (Patrysha) if you think you’d like to volunteer for a position in your area.


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