Whitecourt’s Mayor Begins to Blog

Mayor Marianne Chichak has begun a monthly blog to update residents & relatives on her personal and professional highlights through 2015.

I am not sure if she’s the first mayor to blog…I have an inkling that Nenshi may blog – he certainly Twitters…but she is the first mayor to blog in a town I’ve lived in.

In her first post, at www.whitecourtmayor.wordpress.com covers the busy month of January which included a trip to Calgary (plus other travel) and a snowmobile ride…

As a sidenote, I simply have to say for a business or non-profit, you’d want to install WordPress from WordPress.org on your own domain – but using wordpress.com works well for personal blogging.

So…what do you think of the blog? If you don’t live in Whitecourt, would you like it if your mayor and/or council blogged?

Awaiting the Arrival of the Philosopher Queen

Awaiting the Arrival of the Philosopher Queen

I know, I should probably focus on the event that comes first – the World Snowmobile Invasion being like a nano-second away. At least, I am sure it will seem like it’s coming up fast for those involved in the organization and execution of such a mammoth event –

The problem is, I am not much of a snowmobiler. I love them in theory, but haven’t had a great deal of practical experience. And by not a great deal of experience, I mean none. Unless you count checking them out in the showroom of Wild Country Power Sports and drooling just a little – because they are so pretty even if the speed they represent scares the tar out of me…

The point is it’s much easier for me – being slightly obsessed with business and marketing – to get excited about another event on the horizon – just a short month from now.

If you do not yet have tickets to the Economic Forum hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, you’ll want to go and do that now.

No – not later now, I mean right now. So you don’t forget and miss out.

Don’t worry – this post will be waiting for you to make the call and book the tickets.

Because really, reading about Barb Stegeman’s book is different than actually reading her book and seeing her speak is way more interesting than hearing someone else talk about her speak.

I missed Barb Stegeman speaking in Whitecourt the last time she came through. I didn’t regret it much. I have missed a lot of things over the years and it usually works out for the best. That is I didn’t regret seeing her until I got to see her speak at another event. Last fall, the provincial association of Community Futures offices had her speaking at their conference – and I was inspired.

I plopped down $25 for a book on the spot. Those who know me realize what a huge deal this is. It is my general habit to buy books at Repeat Boutique for 25 cents and download Kindle books for free – I almost always restrict buying books to authors I know on a more personal level (or that I’ve at least followed for years). Getting me to buy a book for $25 is a clue as to how inspirational her message is.

This is a woman who has struggled – the epitome of a self made woman – who has become what she once envisioned.

And she does it all based on the virtues of philosophy that she outlines in this book.

  • Wisdom
  • Moderation
  • Truth
  • Courage
  • Justice
  • Wisdom
  • Beauty

These 7 virtues underlie the foundation of change according to Stegeman – and it’s easy to believe her as one witnesses the fruits of her philosophical approach to achieving the Good Life. Her philosophical approach applies to everything from parenting and career choices to economic development. There is a strong push to claim feminine power through adapting to the virtues expounded in the philosophy of wise (mostly) men. Through the book, you’ll see how the 7 virtues can be applied to daily professional life towards a greater purpose through co-operation of business, government and non-profits.

I love this book, recommend it to everyone and I can’t wait to see the author speak again at the end of the month. I hope to see you there and can’t wait to find people who find her as inspiring as I do.