Marketing Research Kit for Dummies

You have a product idea but you don’t know if it will sell to your consumer base. How can you find out? The key here is to do market research. This is the information gathered about trends, customer opinions, product availability and the like that is done in advance of product launches to determine if a product has a viable market to tap. There is nothing worse than offering a product that you believe is a good idea only for it to flop because someone else got to it first. Learn what you need to know to make your business grow with “Marketing Research Kit for Dummies.”

The problem with research is not always finding the information but how to interpret your results once you’ve gathered it. This book will guide entrepreneurs and small business owners in understanding and separating the chaff from the wheat. Learn to find and analyze the necessary data points for your niche products. Develop a marketing strategy that can work for you. Craft carefully worded surveys and questionnaires that ask the right questions. A DVD is included with sample questionnaires, spreadsheet tools and step-by-step guides to finding and analyzing your information.

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