What : Futurescape Communication Series : Inspired Local Business Wisdom with a side of fun!

Created for Connection by the C3 gateway – Community Futures Yellowhead East

Futurescape Monthly – The Connected part of the C3 (Community Connected Commerce) philosophy runs under the Futurescape brand, and Futurescape Monthly is the online video series featuring Community and Commerce news from and affecting Yellowhead East.

It’s a community created online video series that featuring the retro-inspired “Neighbour & Friend You Should Meet” segment and homegrown puppet talent developed to emphasize basic business concepts beginning with learning and business should and can be fun and success begins with a willingness to be different.

Meet Princess Violet, Paula Purple & Pink the Publicist who deliver the message that we’re all neighbours in this and thinking local first (and an overall commitment to mom and pop operations) can help us ride out any storm together and stay tuned for upcoming episodes by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Futurescape Profiles – Extended version of the “Neighbour and Friend You Should Meet” Segment, highlighting different local entrepreneurs within the Yellowhead East region.

Futurescape Learning – Paid workshops and online training sessions to help entrepreneurs start and/or grow their business.






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